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Question: Birthday gift ideas for 61 year old dad?

Question by zintkala: Birthday gift ideas for 61 year old dad?
Ok so my dad is turning 61 this month and I’m having a really hard time finding him a gift. He is Sioux(native american) but is into stuff like cowboys and wears the boots and hats. What do you think????
HAHA, He’s already got dentures!

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Answer by traildawg
I’d say why not get him a nice western belt.

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4 Responses to Question: Birthday gift ideas for 61 year old dad?

  1. JDoubleU

    You could get him a new hat or boots but there is the size issue and really is a personal style preference. Plus, it wouldn’t seem like you put much thought into it.
    Maybe something he can make with his hands. Is there a Sioux custom – something that has been handed down for generations? Maybe wood carving or something with leather? You could get him the stuff to make whatever it is and maybe a book about the project. It would be something special that he’d keep forever.
    Does he like movies? Maybe a movie collection or something that represents his respect for the Sioux.

  2. Vick

    cowboy dentures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Waychel

    Are there any western stores around? I know they gift cards are impersonal but this is a personal gift. This way he can choose what he wants.

  4. Sarah

    If he’s Native, but into that western look, I think a beaded belt or belt buckle. My husband’s dad was old school and into that sort of look too. Does your dad have any bolos? (Isn’t that what they’re called? They’re like ties, but not really. It said it was spelled wrong.) Anyhow, I think those look nice on men of all ages.

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