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Question: What does it mean when a man buys you little gifts?

Question by Em: What does it mean when a man buys you little gifts?
I would like the psychological or sociological answer to this question please, which is why I havnt put it in the relationship section.

When a man buys a woman small, thoughtful gifts, what is the reason? Is it a subconscious primitive/instinctive means of trying to provide for the woman?
I am not a psychologist but I am greatly interested in it. I would love a professional answer to this question please.

Best answer:

Answer by Pietro
It’s because he’s too cheap to buy her large, expensive gifts!

…Sorry, couldn’t resist. It’s because he’s interested in her. On a “primitive” level, I’m pretty sure it has to do with demonstrating that he can provide for her needs…or something like that.

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One Response to Question: What does it mean when a man buys you little gifts?

  1. Alexis

    Hi Em,
    First of all, you haven’t defined the parameters of the relationship. I’m going to assume this is an established relationship. For the gifts to be “thoughtful” meaning these are things that this woman in particular really likes, then the man would have to know her quite well, i.e. what her favourite perfume is, her favourite colour (for gifts of scarves etc.).

    If on the other hand, this is a young man (late teens into early twenties), it might be something his mother has suggested to do as a way of impressing a girl.

    I’d say the bottom line is, as you say, it’s a thoughtful gesture. It’s also quite old-fashioned or quaint. Women love to be appreciated and to know that a man thinks about her when they aren’t together. We especially feel good when a man remembers when we tell him what our favourite things are and he gives them to us. It impresses most women, as it should.

    Just one caveat. They should be well thought out gifts, and not holding great monetary value. It’s one thing to be caring, it’s quite another to be “bought”. No woman wants to feel like she is prostituting herself for a man’s attention.

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